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download chiropractic patient form

download chiropractic patient form

What to expect during your initial visits:

Your First Visit

At Coron Family Chiropractic, we start by having our patients fill out the required forms. If you have any insurance information or past medical records (medications taken, copies of X-rays or MRIs, etc.), please bring this with you so the doctor and/or our insurance specialist has an opportunity to review this information. Coron Family Chiropractic is an in-network provider for Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, Health Partners, Cigna, Ucare, Choices, Fairview, Gunderson Health Plan, Quartz, Unity, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, Medica, Benefit Plan Administrators, Preferred One, Aetna, and SelectCare. For other insurances companies, we provide the necessary documents for you to submit to your insurance company. We also accept cash, check and credit card payment.

Once all of your intake information is gathered, Dr. Coron will take a very detailed, thorough health history and conduct a comprehensive orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination. The health history and examination will determine any necessary, highly specific digital X-rays that may need to be taken. Be assured that radiological exams are performed only when clinically necessary to ensure proper patient care. The pictures of your spine are taken using our digital high-frequency X-ray unit, which requires significantly less radiation exposure compared to traditional X-ray machines.

Your X-rays will then be analyzed by Dr. Coron, who will determine the specific misalignment of the vertebra and the appropriate individualized care plan. You are now ready to schedule your second visit where Dr. Coron will review his findings with you and provide the best plan for you going forward.

Please allow up to 50 minutes for this first visit.

Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Coron will explain his findings of the history, physical exam, and X-rays from your first visit. Dr. Coron will explain how to best address your health and the different techniques he will utilize to help you reach your body’s full potential. Dr. Coron will go over the recommended care plan specifically for you. In certain cases, he may recommend at-home exercises or nutritional supplements that may benefit you.

After your adjustment, Dr. Coron will take post-adjustment X-rays and repeat the refined analysis to determine exactly how your body responded to the correction. This is typically done only after the initial adjustment, and it helps the doctor determine if any “fine tuning” of your correction will need to take place in the future.

Please allow 45 minutes for this visit.

Following Up

Our goal is to make a lasting correction, not repetitive adjustments. At Coron Family Chiropractic, we will closely monitor your body’s ability to maintain spinal alignment during your first month of care. The longer your body can maintain proper structural alignment, the better your body is able to maintain proper nervous system function. Our goal is to get your body stable enough to allow for a few adjustments a year to maintain proper health.

The first two visits are the most time consuming, but they are necessary to build the foundation for successful care.The additional appointments following the first two visits will generally be 10 minutes.